Detailed Topics List for Ryan Libre's Photography workshops

Choose 1 to 4 Days and Fill it with Any of the Topics/ Activities You Want!

A typical 4 day class could look something like this.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Aperture/ Depth of Field : Defining your Subject

Camera Modes : What, When & Why

White Balance : Getting Colors Right & Adding Mood

Quality of Light : Learning to "see" good lighting

"In Camera" : Making the most of your camera settings


How to photography people

Why You Should Use More Than One Lens :

You will try several of my lenses and learn how to use them effectively.

Showing and Stopping Motion :

Very Slow & Fast Shutter Speeds, Panning

How to Avoid Blurry Photos :

Safe Shutter Speeds for Hand Holding, ISO & When You Need a Tripod

Making the Most of your Built-in Flash :

Practical ISO

Photo Essays

RAW Files and Editing


Self Critique

Starting a Portfolio

How and Where to Start Publishing Your Photos

Tips For Self Learning

Shooting for multi media sideshows

brief history of photography


      If you want to do a 4th day I can guide you to a photogenic area of your choice for the day.

      Apply what you learned in the class to the real world with me by your side to answer all your questions.

       These could include a National Park Hike, Waterfalls, Hill tribes, Temples, Markets or a festival if one is happing.

You can choose to have just one or two days of classes and a tour also.  You could skip the classes and choose to just have a tour and ask all your questions in the field.